These Walls – By M.N.

Life is overrated. I sit in my life in a 3x4m room wondering when redemption for my mistakes will come about.

I have changed my ways for good. I now listen to the voice in my head and not the chip on my shoulder but no matter what I do or what or say I get squashed by the system.

I see destruction, darkness, greed, corruption and drugs all around me. I search for my ray of sunshine but all I find is loneliness.
In a world where success is measured by material objects, I sit on the sidelines waiting, wanting to run my race but I am restrained by limitations.
My fantasy is becoming my reality but my reality is my nightmare. I close my eyes and I see freedom. I wake up and see a life wasting away day after day, week after week, year after year. I sit in fantasy land living an imaginary life but when reality sets in I hide. I long for love but embrace the darkness.
The wicked live like kings growing with power day in day out. They bark like wolves scaring all around them hunting in packs but without numbers they have no bite. I scream into my pillow so no one can hear me. I vision myself slicing my wrists to end the cycle of my life.

Will my dream become my reality? Will I find my sunshine on the other side of these walls? Will I one day smile and mean it?


I will.

I have the inner strength of a warrior. I will no longer be repressed or depressed.

No one can pull me down.
I am worthy.
I will stand and fight.