Food is Free cupboard

ECH Food is Free (FiF) cupboard is certainly being embraced by our community, both by donors and recipients.

This project is part of a worldwide movement that believes food should be freely available to everyone. Emerald Community House set up a Food is Free pantry cupboard to offer food freely to the whole community.

Everyone is welcome to take food from the pantry and anyone can contribute food to the pantry. We only ask that you try to keep your donated foods reasonably healthy and within their use by dates, and that any fresh food donated can be stored in a sealed container to keep the possums out.

Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion in the book. This will help us to better provide for the needs of our community.

We hope that we can keep this food pantry well stocked through the generosity of our wonderful community. Please remember this pantry is for everyone’s use. Food sustains us, food connects us. Food is life!

So have a look at what you aren’t using or have extra supply and consider donating surplus items on your next trip to Emerald.

Other FiF sites in the hills at Fernlea Op Shop, Cockatoo Neighbourhood House and Tecoma Uniting Church.

Let’s share our care, especially as its currently Anti-Poverty Week (Oct 15-21).