Getting elected to represent your community

There was a thunder and lightning storm in Wodonga over the weekend which evaded the BoM’s radar tracking. The phenomenal Voices for Indi presented an incredible feisty “how to” guide in Wodonga for prospective candidates as well as anyone who wanted to enhance their skills and knowledge in running an election campaign. The “Getting Elected” workshop mustered politicians, academics, staffers, writers, community leaders and experienced campaigners who all shared their advice readily and were keen to empower an audience of emerging leaders, agitators, administrators and theorists.

The invaluable workshop presented practical steps, perspectives and encouragement for campaigning, managing expectations and connecting with the community. A plethora of practical tools to get started intensified the passionate enthusiasm for all who attended from all over Victoria. Our communities can take the high road and be a positive catalyst for change, learning the lessons from Indi.

The Get Elected Program is attached and will be provided to the presentations as soon as they are available online.

Perhaps it is time for Voices4Ranges to call to order and summon the whirlwind.

From the Voices For Indi website:

More than just a demonstration of community development driven politics, Voices for Indi is a community leadership exercise which hopes to have a lasting impact. The organisation is a response to the need for re-energized but respectful political debate and provides a process to connect the community’s voice to our elected representatives.