WeatherSmarts forum – Community preparedness information

Have you got WeatherSmarts?

WeatherSmarts is a new community approach using ECH’s Centre of Resilience strategy to gear up for climate calamities such as extreme storms, bushfires, high winds and asthma thunderstorms which can all create a serious disruption for us very quickly. Just how ready and adaptable are we? What do we need to know?

Join us as we listen to the speakers from CFA (Virginia McCallum), SES (Ben Owen) and Cardinia Shire Council (Janette Schimleck) and their response plans followed by a Q&A session about our own responsibilities.

  • What can we expect? Who is in charge?
  • How long could we be isolated if power and networks go down?
  • How will road closures affect us?
  • What happens when our own situation changes (personal health, disability, transport, caring for children)?

Test your perception about your readiness for disruptive weather and its consequences by attending this informative inaugural forum where you get to ask some questions of your own and improve your WeatherSmarts.

Friday Oct 27th 2017, 7-9pm

Held in the ECH Hall following dinner at the Dig In Community Café from 6-7pm