ECH awards Morwell Neighbourhood House as a Centre of Resilience

Morwell Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre (MNH) has proven to be an organisation that exhibits the qualities of a Centre of Resilience by showing leadership and community strength in social, economic, natural and built environments.  As a community-led centre, MNH has shown commitment to an empowering and capacity-building framework in their community. Their organisation listens to people, finds out what they need and works in partnership to achieve outcomes through social, educational, recreational and support activities, strengthening the fabric of their community. They are not afraid to speak truth to power.

We recognise the work of MNH in maintaining “community continuity” by assisting with immediate and longer term processes of community recovery following the 2014 Hazelwood mine fire disaster. Their centre is valued as a “trusted community network” and for “giving the community a voice” during a very challenging disaster event.1 Their continuing commitment to support creative recovery from social and economic disadvantage is based on the relationships they already have in place before a disaster occurs.

The importance of developing community connections and trusted relationships before a crisis is a key component of preparedness for any adversity. We celebrate the wisdom, vision and courage of Morwell Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre by awarding them with recognition as a Centre of Resilience. We trust that they will continue with this important work as they look to the future and continue to apply the CoR strategy and values in strengthening their community.

We present to you, Morwell Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre, a Centre of Resilience.

Congratulations and well done!


  1. ‘‘They go into bat for me’  Morwell Neighbourhood House, The Hazelwood Mine Fire and Recovery, prepared by Sue White,, Centre of Research for Resilient Communities, Federation University Australia,  February 2017