Learn skills for creating projects which help build and strengthen community connections

Are you looking to connect with people who share your enthusiasm and interest in supporting positive projects in the community?

Not sure how to get started to develop your ideas to build and manage a team of volunteers, or start a purpose driven social enterprise helping create opportunities which promotes inclusion?

Explore how our Introduction to Community Development Practices course can help you to discover new ways to engage with your community, unlock the full potential of working with other passionate individuals and enjoy the benefits of open collaboration.

Representing a great opportunity for a wide range of organisations to learn about capacity building, identifying community assets, grant writing and project planning to help promote the value of creating greater resilience, inclusion and understanding within communities.

Course dates & times:

10am – 3pm, Saturday Oct 14, 21, 28

9am – 3pm, Saturday Nov 11 & 18

Course Component Topics:

TetraMap personality assessment framework

Event Management

Project Management

Course Fee:

$160 (including printed resources)

Booking Enquiries:

emhouse@iinet.net.au or 5968 3881