International Mother Language Day Celebration – Saturday February 23rd

Celebrating International Mother Language Day will be first of its kind. We are planning to make the event colourful and memorable. We are inviting community leaders from various cultures to participate and contribute. We are engaging with local schools, language schools and cultural groups to participate. We are also getting in touch with local government and businesses to assist and support us for this great cause. We have invited local and state government representatives to come and join us on this occasion. Some of the planned activities are:
• Pay tribute to ‘Language Martyrs’ – those who sacrificed their lives for mother language in Bangladesh and other countries. A monument representing the Language Martyrs will be decorated with flowers from participants.
• Cultural programs will be performed by representatives of various cultures, which may include folk songs, dances and theatrical performances.
• Exhibition of letters and words of various languages drawn by children. The drawings will be done by children from primary, secondary, high schools and language schools.
• Book Fair
• Food stalls and food trucks filled with delicious flavours and tastes.
• Stalls selling items from various cultures.
• Entertainment for children including face painting, rides and jumping castles.
• National dress parade by each participating community.

Time / Date: Saturday February 23, 11am – 6pm

Location: Pakenham Library, P B Ronald Park and Living & Learning Inc Pakenham

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