WeatherSmarts Forum – Friday 25th May, 2018

The BoM, NBN and EMV all under one roof and at your service.
One night only!
#WeatherSmarts is part of ECH’s Centre of Resilience strategy to prepare our community for climate calamities such as extreme storms, bushfires, high winds and thunderstorms which can create a serious disruption for us very quickly.
Just how ready and adaptable are we? What do we need to know?
You will gain knowledge from these top speakers who must deal with the consequences of climate driven disasters. You will be able to ask them questions about your own shared responsibilities when living in a high risk environment.
• What can we expect? How will we communicate?
• How long could we be isolated if power outages cause the communications networks to go down?
• Can we cope for 72hrs without power, communications or services?
• What are other communities doing? What should we be doing in our community?
The third forum in a series, test your perception about your readiness for disruptive weather and its consequences by attending this informative forum where you get to ask some questions of your own and improve your #WeatherSmarts.
Expert panellists:
Dr Justin Peter, the BoM Senior Climatologist and Climate Monitoring
Rosanna Lacorcia, Manager, NBN™ Local
Brett Ellis, Emergency Management Victoria, General Manager, Risk and Resilience
Dinner from 6-7 provided by Dig In Community Café, recognised by EMV’s Community Resilience Framework and as a case study in Monash University’s Compendium of Victorian Community Based-Resilience Building Case Studies.

Friday May 25th 2018


Emerald Community House


Past Comments:

  • I learned to leave earlier, watch the Vic Emergency app more vigilantly and attempt
    to learn the predicted wind patterns.
  • I will get a CFA assessment, an emergency box together, clear gutters, mow grass.
    WeatherSmarts should be run every 3-6 months. The more discussed, the more shared,
    the more learned.
  • We need more compulsory forums like WeatherSmarts so people can learn how they
    can be self-sufficient and take responsibility

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