Introduction to Sustainable Design Practices


Adam Byron-Thomsen



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Three main areas behind sustainable design will be investigated and their intersections explored: the environmental, economic and social. Designing for a sustainable future incorporates many possibilities, from large scale built environments and developments, to retrofitting of current structures; garden design, food growing and distribution; development and participation in community groups; local small scale economies & trade; individual energy sufficiency to promotion of broader buy in to green power networks; there is an exciting range of entry and exit points! Explore, envision and design for a sustainable future! Let us know if you have ideas to explore, pilot or present at the monthly Emerald Market or other events.

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Adam Byron-Thomsen

Introduction to Sustainable Design Practices

Adam Byron-Thomsen is a teacher of 12 years who has worked within a variety of contexts, including secondary and primary schools, with recent migrants, refugees and in mainstream schools. Father of two and an avid gardener, he is currently a stay at home parent, an occupation that poses a lot of opportunities for small scale […]

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Difficulty : Introductory

Location : Emerald Community House