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How to renovate an existing orchard back to productivity Advanced Permaculture Design class (level 4) This class will cover how to assess an existing orchard and evaluate what is needed to make it productive. Determine if it’s possible and what would be required to make this orchard Certified Organic or Biodynamic and how you might go about this. Students will develop and present plans to renovate the orchard, then in a practical session all will implement the changes necessary on an existing orchard example. The learning and plans developed will include pruning, pest and disease issues—present and future management, variety selection, adding or changing if necessary, feeding and water for trees, tools and materials or services needed for the task and future management. Organic control methods and products for pests, disease and weeds. Suitable for anyone to complete this class (while no pre-requisite is necessary, a PDC could be an advantage), those with PDC will be issued with an Advanced PDC certificate. Dates: Saturday July 8, Sunday July 9, Saturday July 15 with final session including the practical part on Sun July 16 Venue: Telopea Mountain Permaculture, 134 Invermay Road, Monbulk Cost: $249 (includes all equipment and materials on site)

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Price : 249 $

Difficulty : Advanced

Location : Telopea Mountain Permaculture, Monbulk


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