Centre Of Resilience (COR)


The Centre of Resilience (COR) is a community development model  piloted at Emerald Community House committing to resilience building ideas and initiatives that  stimulate  community strength and durability in communities.


The goal of COR is to contribute to “community continuity”  by encouraging the efficient and effective use of existing social, natural, economic and built  community based assets in a progressive and sustainable way.

Community continuity encompasses a loosely defined set of planning, preparatory and related activities which are intended to ensure that a community’s critical functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents or challenges that might otherwise have interrupted them, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period.

If an organisation within a community sets out to have a continuity strategy, that effort should contribute directly to:
•   sustainable economic, environmental and social benefits
•   enhancement of community governance and leadership skills through proactive processes
•     increase in community participation in education, volunteering, living and employment skills
•   safer and happier communities

COR Strategy

✔    We adopt a strategy that contributes to community continuity using social, economic, natural and built environments

✔    We  embed resilience strategies into our goals and objectives, programs, policies and strategic plans

✔    We  commit to community development approaches by empowering people to get involved and be the change they seek

✔    We  find out what people value, identify what they can do to get there and assist them to achieve it

✔    We  identify lateral networking opportunities opportunities and increase local interoperability through activities and partnerships

✔    We  maintain an online ideas bank that showcases what is happening elsewhere and provide an opportunity for local networks to flourish laterally

✔    We  develop partnerships locally, nationally and even internationally to create collaborative networks with other organisations to spread our collective resilience to support each other

✔    We  source support  through creative means – individual, government, philanthropic and organisational and draw interest from business and other organisation partnerships

The Centre of Resilience (CoR) is recognised by the Monash University Disaster Resilience Initiative and Emergency Management Victoria’s Compendium of Case Studies Victorian Community-based Resilience Building Activities. The Compendium supports community’s government, agencies and business to strengthen resilience within communities.