Award winning novelist at ECH

okkyFemale – young – fighting for humanity through literature. That is Okky Madasari, one of Indonesia’s important novelists on the rise. At 28, she was born in Magetan, East Java in 1984, had already won the most prestigious literary award in the country, Khatulistiwa Literary Award, for her third novel: “Maryam”. This made her as the youngest writer ever to win this important award. Previously, for three consecutive years her novels continued to be nominated at the same event.

With a bachelors degree in political science and a masters in sociology, Okky consistently gives voice to freedom and human rights as well as fighting various kinds of oppression in all of her 4 novels. While reading her novels reveal the face of Indonesia and the stories of Indonesian people, the problems and messages in her novels are universal and fundamental.

Come and welcome Okky in September at ECH.

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